Dr. Alexander Racz

Patent and Trademark Attorney, Partner

Alexander is a partner at Kador & Partner. He has practiced as a European and German Patent and Trade Mark Attorney since 2012 and is also representative at the European Unified Patent Court.

Alexander studied chemistry with a focus on physical chemistry at the University of Vienna. He graduated with distinction in 2004. His diploma thesis,”Electrochemical Oxidation of Substituted Pyridinium Compounds“ was in the field of electrochemistry and received an award from the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH).

In his dissertation at the Department of Physics of the Technical University of Munich, he worked on the synthesis and characterization of platinum and ruthenium selenide catalysts for the cathodic reduction of oxygen in fuel cells.

At Kador & Partner, Alexander deals with all kinds of patent cases, from prosecution to opposition and appeal cases. He also handles infringement cases and FTO studies.

Alexander is fluent in German and English and also speaks French.

In his spare time, Alexander enjoys all kinds of sports, travel, arts and building models.